Our Rail Construction and Civil Engineering division is dedicated to sourcing and securing the finest talent for rail construction projects. Our expertise extends to various aspects, encompassing the development of stations, depots, and other critical rail infrastructure.

We are committed to delivering exceptional services in both rail construction and civil engineering domains, ensuring top-notch results and the successful completion of projects to meet the ever-growing demands of the transportation industry.

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Civil Engineers

As the architects of the railway infrastructure, these professionals design and supervise its construction. Their expertise ensures the safety, efficiency, and longevity of the railways.


Track and Bridge Engineers

Specialising in the design, construction, and maintenance of tracks and bridges, these engineers form the backbone of the railway system's functionality and safety.


Electrical Engineers

Tasked with the development and implementation of power and signalling systems, electrical engineers are the nerve centre of operations and communication within the railway network.


Quality Control Experts

Tasked with maintaining the highest standards of quality, these professionals ensure all aspects of railway construction projects adhere to industry standards and best practices.


Cabling Experts

Ensuring seamless communication and power transmission across the railway network, these professionals are vital for the smooth operation of railway services.


Construction Labourers

These are the vital cogs in the wheel, assisting with essential on-site tasks such as laying tracks, assembling components, maintaining equipment and undertaking slab laying. Their diligence forms the foundation of any railway construction project.


Project Managers

Steering the ship, these individuals oversee the planning, execution, and completion of railway projects. Their strategic thinking and leadership ensure projects stay on track, within budget and meet their deadlines.


Safety Officers

These individuals ensure the health and safety of all personnel on site. Their role in monitoring and enforcing safety regulations is crucial in maintaining a safe and productive working environment.